Exciting first evenings for Vivo Kitchen

Something different from anything Sewickley has seen before!

Explore Sewickley had the opportunity to speak with Chef/Owner of Vivo Kitchen, Sam DiBattista, this week about how his first week of dinner service is going. His enthusiasm and compliments to our town were full of passion and excitement.

Although Sam had envisioned a “soft” opening and quiet start, the opposite happened: Vivo’s first dinner on Wednesday August 24th saw a full house. Every night since has been the same.

“We were packed and it was lovely to see,” says Sam, “We have unique menu items that we are excited to offer – in a simple, chic environment that we are proud of.” Some of Sam’s favorites dishes include: Roasted Marrow Bones with Grey Salt and Tamarind, not a dish you’ll see much in our area, but very much a European delicacy. Duroc pork with Chorizo and Peaches capitalizes on a special, fabulous marbled pork that results from hogs fed a particularly high quality diet. The Dry Aged Lamb Rib Chops are also exceptional cuts of meat. Everything in Sam’s kitchen, in fact, shows his strong roots in Italian cuisine: he starts with the best ingredients and treats them in a way that lets each natural flavor shine.

When we joined Sam for dinner, we ordered the Mushrooms with Raclette Cheese and Red Peppers, and the Tomato and Mozarella Salad for appetizers.  Both were delicate, light ways to start our meal – and they offered up thoughtful flavors and textures. Vivo’s hearty bread made a delicious companion.

Next we ate a delicious Whole Bronzino. It’s unusual to see a whole seabass roasted and served up on a plate here in the US, but it’s another typical European favorite which Vivo delivers in a pristine and flavorful way. We also had the Scallops with Pineapple and Country Ham Relish, served with green beans and quinoa. Everything was delicious and subtle and fresh.

Dessert included a wonderful peach and blueberry crostata, a chocolate pot de crème, and a French press pot of blood orange herbal tea.

Do we have you wondering “when” and “where” by now?

Vivo Kitchen is located on 432 Beaver Street and is open Tuesday through Saturday for dinner service starting at 6:00pm. Reservations are suggested but walk-ins are welcome. 412-259-8946 www.vivokitchen.com.

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